At Wayne Trace Farms we blend responsible adoption of modern practices with traditional farming methods that,

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availability Is limited - SUMMER 2024 production IS sold out. COntact our retailers for remaining in store availiblty for MARCH delivery. We are taking orders for August and September farm direct and retail sales.

  • Milan Center Feed and Grain, New Haven, IN
  • Stroh Farm Supply, Stroh, IN
  • Lehman Feed Mill, Berne, IN
  • Allen Feeds, North Manchester, IN

is centered on the farm and community,
is driven by learning,
is focused on equitable partnerships,
is dedicated to the stewardship of the land,
is sustainable and
is enriching lives!


9608 Wayne Trace, Fort Wayne, IN 46816

RTL - Ready to LAy


We strive to produce started laying hens that are capable of returning the most profit to small and medium scale commercial egg producers  and hens that bring the most enjoyment to backyard poultry enthusiasts.  We choose Ready to Lay hen breeds for their winter hardiness, their egg laying ability, and their social adaptivity as family pets.

We are an NPIP certified facility meaning that we practice strict biosecurity measures and in light of the current Avian Influenza outbreaks across the Midwest, this is important to us and our customers.  Learn more about USDA-APHIS National Poultry Improvement Program (NPIP) at  Stay informed on Avian Influenza at BOAH: Home ( and on their Facebook page regardless of the size of your poultry flock.

We produce nearly 10,000 laying hens per year – large enough to adopt the efficient practices of a larger production facility and small enough to handle each hen several times during her life at our farm providing care to each animal or the whole flock as needed.  The hens are vaccinated for Marek’s disease at the hatchery prior to their arrival at our farm.  Barns and equipment are cleaned and sanitized after each production run and the manure is used on our corn and soybean production acres following soil testing results and application guidelines from the state chemist's office.

More information about the Wayne Trace Farms RTL program for retail and larger producers.