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What is your vision of a family farm? Do you love agriculture and the land as much as we do? Do you want farmers with experience and knowledge tending to your land and food sources for the next generation? Do you want to be treated honestly and fairly as a consumer or landowner? Are you ready to be part of the next generation of family farms?


The key to success is knowledge. Education of ourselves moves the farm forward, educating those around us moves agriculture in a positive direction.

Jamie and Traci are both members of the American Society of Agronomy as Certified Crop Advisers (CCA) and Certified Professional Agronomists (CPAg). Additionally, Jaime holds a specialty certification in 4R Nutrient Management and is listed as a supporting author of the Indiana/Michigan/Ohio Land Grant University Tri-State Fertilizer Recommendations for Corn, Soybeans, Wheat, and Alfalfa.

​Jamie currently sits on the Indiana CCA board and Traci has held seats as a member of both the Indiana and Ohio CCA boards. Additionally, she has served as the chair of both boards. She is currently the board chair of the international CCA program.

Our two sons, Wyatt and Luke are active in 4-H, are involved in the day-to-day operations of the farm and have ownership in livestock. Wyatt started his agricultural business journey in 2021 by cash renting a grass hay field. He shares his labor with the farm in return for the use of hay equipment and barn space for storage of the hay until he sells it. 

We are a growing first-generation upstart family farm rooted in traditional farming values while focusing on modern farming practices.

Traci and I both were raised on small family farms.  We saw the inefficiencies and missed opportunities of these operations. Larger scale is not always the answer. We are dedicated to build what we are calling the next generation of family farms.

We work hard to include our young family and the outside community in our operation but look to intensive management to be profitable.  All to often we hear that the family farms in the U.S. needs special treatment or help to survive; when you look at the facts these small family farms are often dying due to lack of forward-thinking management. That was the genesis for Wayne Trace Farms. 

While money is not everything, it is a key aspect of business. As we strive to grow, we want the same for anyone we interact with or do business with.

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We have an "open door" policy for all aspects of the farm. If you would like to know why or how we do something, simply ask.

Wayne Trace Farms has been our lifelong dream.  We both grew up on very small family farms and were instilled with the simple love of agriculture and a traditional agricultural life style. We have dedicated our educations, careers, professions, and lives to the passion of revitalizing the family farm. While the next generation of family farms may look different, they must be rooted in the traditional family farm values.


We’re committed to shoring up the foundation of local agriculture and the forging of an innovative path forward. 


Our professional agricultural careers have provided invaluable experience by allowing us to glean a wide spectrum of agricultural practices. We have been fortunate to learn from highly successful and innovative producers, from all parts of North America and globally. 

Your land or livestock is no different than our land or livestock, we treat it all the same and want to see it flourish.