Wayne Trace Farms

Ready to Lay (RTL) Chickens

Speaking of pets, we do have one hen that has made herself the family pet and farm mascot.  Her name is Penny; she is a white crested black Polish bantam.  Traci's mom purchased some of these "fancy" birds in 2015 for Wyatt to show at the county fair. Penny had an injured neck as a peep and we weren't sure she would survive.  We managed to get her to eat and drink and nursed her back to health.  Her neck still isn't "normal" but she is healthy and active!  The reason that we call her our farm mascot is because whenever we travel to daycare or other school groups, Penny is the star of the show!  She is funny looking so definitely can draw a crowd plus she has a great temperament and prefers to be around her people!  Traci is in the process of writing a series of children's books about Penny's experiences to teach kids about farm life.  

We offer a wide variety of chickens for sale. We raise pullets, young chickens up to the age where they begin to lay eggs. We can accommodate the hobbyist looking for a couple birds up to commercial growers looking for a couple hundred birds.

​While we specialize in Isa Browns, we offer a variety of breeds of laying and Ready to Lay (RTL) chickens.  We raise several broods a year and have limited availability year round, but can work with you to raise the quantity of chickens you may need. We also have helped feed stores start RTL programs.

For more information please call Traci @ (260)442-2391 or email us at waynetracefarms@hotmail.com

Penny and the boys helping with hay bales!